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Mermaids: Spot The DifferencesMermaids: Spot The D...
417 Users Played
Hidden Object Rooms ExplorationHidden Object Rooms...
1405 Users Played
Fruit Candy MergeFruit Candy Merge
369 Users Played
Super Jewel CollapseSuper Jewel Collapse
9713 Users Played
1010 Elixir Alchemy1010 Elixir Alchemy
1582 Users Played
1010 No Danger1010 No Danger
15953 Users Played
Mahjong Fishing CombatsMahjong Fishing Comb...
4905 Users Played
Bubble Blitz GalaxyBubble Blitz Galaxy
1001 Users Played
Bubble Shooter Gold MiningBubble Shooter Gold...
9247 Users Played
Math Rockets AveragingMath Rockets Averagi...
477 Users Played
Runic Block CollapseRunic Block Collapse
656 Users Played
Spartan MahjongSpartan Mahjong
5288 Users Played
Stack SortingStack Sorting
1546 Users Played
Dogs Spot The Differences - 2Dogs Spot The Differ...
2771 Users Played
Seafaring Memory  ChallengeSeafaring Memory Ch...
1446 Users Played
Fruits Blocks CollapseFruits Blocks Collap...
12323 Users Played
24629 Users Played
Spring Tile MasterSpring Tile Master
3942 Users Played
Hidden BirdsHidden Birds
7103 Users Played
Sorcerer Mahjong MarvelsSorcerer Mahjong Mar...
1739 Users Played
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Bubble Shooter Treasure RushBubble Shooter Treas...
83504 Users Played
1010 Jungle Blocks1010 Jungle Blocks
63762 Users Played
Aqua LinkAqua Link
59539 Users Played
Village Of MonstersVillage Of Monsters
59334 Users Played
Marbles SortingMarbles Sorting
57219 Users Played
Candy Mahjong TilesCandy Mahjong Tiles
56447 Users Played
1010 Golden Trophies1010 Golden Trophies
50359 Users Played
Spot 5 DifferencesSpot 5 Differences
49457 Users Played
Bird Tiles MatchBird Tiles Match
43510 Users Played
Vandan The DetectiveVandan The Detective
41686 Users Played
Bubble Shooter Candy WheelBubble Shooter Candy...
38004 Users Played
Mystic Object HuntMystic Object Hunt
36225 Users Played
1010 Diamonds Rush1010 Diamonds Rush
35875 Users Played
Caveman JigsawCaveman Jigsaw
33755 Users Played
Crossword KingdomCrossword Kingdom
33559 Users Played
Bubble Shooter Golden ChestsBubble Shooter Golde...
33413 Users Played
Bubble Shooter StarsBubble Shooter Stars
32219 Users Played
Zoo Mahjongg DeluxeZoo Mahjongg Deluxe
31871 Users Played
Tiny BlocksTiny Blocks
31247 Users Played
Word Search SummerWord Search Summer
30636 Users Played
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BFF Summer VibesBFF Summer Vibes
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Homemade pastry MakingHomemade pastry Maki...
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Spin MasterSpin Master
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Easter EggventureEaster Eggventure
2922 Users Played
X-Ray Math DivisionX-Ray Math Division
5114 Users Played
Animals Memory MatchAnimals Memory Match
2886 Users Played
Transports DifferencesTransports Differenc...
6840 Users Played
Math CandiesMath Candies
8384 Users Played
Box RunBox Run
677 Users Played
Impostor AssassinImpostor Assassin
940 Users Played
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Educational Games

Bike Racing DivisionBike Racing Division
6812 Users Played
X-Ray Math FractionsX-Ray Math Fractions
4699 Users Played
Jungle Balloons AdditionJungle Balloons Addi...
7150 Users Played
Crossword KingdomCrossword Kingdom
33559 Users Played
Hamster Grid IntegersHamster Grid Integer...
3963 Users Played
Math Rockets AdditionMath Rockets Additio...
1416 Users Played
Find the OrnamentFind the Ornament
8388 Users Played
Word Search TransportWord Search Transpor...
5932 Users Played
Golden Beetle RoundingGolden Beetle Roundi...
4877 Users Played
Num Cannons SpanishNum Cannons Spanish
1847 Users Played
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Girls Games

Mike And Mia Camping DayMike And Mia Camping...
1258 Users Played
BFFs E Girl Vs Soft GirlBFFs E Girl Vs Soft...
1368 Users Played
High School BFFs Girls TeamHigh School BFFs Gir...
1668 Users Played
Anime Girls Dress Up GameAnime Girls Dress Up...
1333 Users Played
Funny Camping DayFunny Camping Day
921 Users Played
Anime Couple Dress UpAnime Couple Dress U...
1141 Users Played
Besties Summer VacationBesties Summer Vacat...
1158 Users Played
Spring Haute Couture Season 1Spring Haute Couture...
1039 Users Played
Wild Animal Care And SalonWild Animal Care And...
1464 Users Played
Instadiva Nikke Dress Up TutorialInstadiva Nikke Dres...
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Bubble Shooter Games

Bubble Block BreakerBubble Block Breaker
983 Users Played
Bubble HuntBubble Hunt
6342 Users Played
Bubble Shooter Winter PackBubble Shooter Winte...
10010 Users Played
Bubble Shooter ValentinesBubble Shooter Valen...
22232 Users Played
Bubble Shooter Golden FootballBubble Shooter Golde...
16370 Users Played
Monster Bubble ShooterMonster Bubble Shoot...
4113 Users Played
Bubble Shooter DeluxeBubble Shooter Delux...
5365 Users Played
Bubbles And Hungry DragonBubbles And Hungry D...
1541 Users Played
Bubble Shooter BalloonsBubble Shooter Ballo...
26861 Users Played
Bubble Shooter Level PackBubble Shooter Level...
17808 Users Played
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Block Tetriz Games

Block It!Block It!
6642 Users Played
10x10 Blocks Match10x10 Blocks Match
23906 Users Played
1010 Easter Tetriz1010 Easter Tetriz
8092 Users Played
1010 Elixir Alchemy1010 Elixir Alchemy
1582 Users Played
Blocks DeluxeBlocks Deluxe
29264 Users Played
Jelly Match 4Jelly Match 4
2888 Users Played
Tetrix BlocksTetrix Blocks
14732 Users Played
1010 Jungle Blocks1010 Jungle Blocks
63762 Users Played
Lof TetrizLof Tetriz
20058 Users Played
Jelly CubesJelly Cubes
23409 Users Played
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  • Cosmic Tetriz Puzzles
    Description: Immerse yourself in the cosmic world of Tetris puzzles! Arrange the falling blocks strategically to clear lines and reach new heights of fun and challenge.
  • Valentine's Love Link
    Description: Celebrate love and romance with this delightful matching game! Connect the hearts and create chains of love to score big and spread the joy of Valentine's Day.
  • Dogs Spot the Differences
    Description: Put your observation skills to the test in this charming game of spotting the differences! Compare the images of adorable dogs and find all the hidden variances to win.
  • LOF Parking
    Description: Master the art of parking in this challenging simulation game. Maneuver through tight spaces, avoid obstacles, and prove your parking prowess!
  • Bike Racing Math Games Series
    Description: Engage in thrilling bike racing adventures while sharpening your math skills! Race through exciting tracks, solve math problems, and emerge victorious in this educational yet exciting series of games.
  • Maze Puzzles
    Description: Get lost in a world of intricate mazes! Test your problem-solving abilities and navigate through twists and turns to reach the elusive exit in these challenging maze puzzles.
  • Sorting Games
    Description: Exercise your brain with sorting games that challenge your logical thinking and problem-solving skills! Arrange objects, numbers, or colors in the correct order and conquer each level with precision.

Discover a wide range of engaging games at LofGames! From cosmic puzzles and Valentine's themed adventures to parking challenges and bike racing math games, we offer something for everyone. Dive into the world of Tetris with Cosmic Tetriz Puzzles, explore the joys of love with Valentine's Love Link, and put your observation skills to the test with Dogs Spot the Differences. Whether you're into puzzle-solving, math challenges, or adrenaline-fueled racing, LofGames has you covered. Browse our selection of games today and embark on an adventure that will keep you entertained for hours!